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Sophie Ward Studio



Commission a unique and contemporary illustrated portrait by Sophie Ward for you to treasure and keep forever.  


No sittings required, I make the process as simple as possible, by working from photos you upload here, the more options you can provide, the better, in order to get the best poses and facial expressions from everyone featured.  

I try not to role out exactly the same formula for each portrait, but instead make choices that best capture the individual traits of the person I have in front of me.


An accurate physical likeness is a key starting point, therefore all photos must be well lit, and clear.  The face should be the focal point when considering which photos you are going to upload, Features must be clear and a decent size within the photo.  Rubbish photos equal a rubbish portrait!

Depending on the references I receive from you, the portrait could be full body, or faces only.  So its important for you to consider your photo uploads. I am able to take the body poses from other photos and merge all the references provided to create an original piece of art.  This is ideal if you have a favourite photo of one child for example, but the other child has their eyes shut or pulling a face  (pretty standard right...)  

Don't worry if you are not sure what to upload, I can always contact you for more images if I need to.

How to upload photos?

PLEASE NOTE You can only upload one file to the website.Unless you have a single image you would like me to take the portrait from, (which is totally fine too BTW!) then please compress a zip file of at least 3+ high res photos. 

UPLOADING A ZIP FILE Create a file of your best photos on your computer. Control-click it, then choose Compress from the shortcut menu.  Make sure you clearly label your zip file with your name before you upload to this page and off they go! 

If you prefer to have a single photo reproduced as a work of art, you can easily upload from via the form on this page from your mobile device or laptop.


An A3 original artwork, Printed onto high quality 310gsm matte finish textured art paper.  Other sizes are available on request and must be emailed over for a quote.  Additional prints can be purchased at a very low cost and will come as A4 as standard, making ideal gifts for family members, or for group gifts.  


Please see the examples shown as to how colour could be handled in your portrait.  This is not a 'one treatment for all' purchase, and should be treated with a level of trust in the artist.  If you have something specific in mind regarding colour then feel free to add to the notes or email me directly.  


Due to the nature of how I produce work, all portraits start off as pen and ink sketches before being given the digital treatment.  You are very welcome to see the portrait as it develops or wait until it is completed for the final big reveal and Ta-dah! moment. I encourage thoughts and ideas of the client at the early stages of the process, with the understanding that any changes made must be a reasonable request.  Please quote your order number and contact me here to start the conversation


Portraits can take up to two weeks so please factor this in when ordering and feel free to add a date you need it by if you are purchasing as a gift or special occasion.  All prints will be send via special delivery.

"No Words!  This really is the best gift ever!" Lucy

"Sophie captured the personality of both my children in this portrait.  It makes me smile everyday and will always be a treasured piece of art in our house." Kelly

"We cherish our Sophie Ward portrait."  Danae